Meet Our Doctors

Jimmie Anderson, D.D.S.

Jimmie Anderson, D.D.S. Dentist

Dr. Jimmie Anderson graduated in 1983 from Texas Tech University with a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering. He worked in manufacturing for 11 years in the field of Quality Assurance, first with the Trane Company of Tyler, Texas and later with GKN-Automotive in Sanford, North Carolina. His compassionate nature and attention to detail, coupled with a lifelong wish to have his own business and to help people, Dr. Anderson was eventually drawn to the field of dentistry. He graduated from The University of North Carolina School of Dentistry in 1998 where he served as class president for 3 years. Together, Drs. Jimmie and Luanne Anderson have dedicated their professional lives to helping patients achieve their best possible smile and long-term dental health. Extensive training in cosmetic and rehabilitative dentistry has extended this journey.

Luanne Anderson, D.D.S

Luanne Anderson, D.D.S Dentist

Dr. Luanne Anderson's dental journey began in 1979, working as an assistant while attending high school in New Jersey. In 1984, she earned a degree in Dental Hygiene and practiced for 15 years before pursuing her Dentistry degree at the University of North Carolina. Dr. Anderson's enthusiastic personality and passion for dentistry continue to amaze and motivate her patients and colleagues alike. She is a compassionate individual who realizes dentistry is more than just being an excellent clinician. Her exceptional communication talents allow her to truly understand her patients' desires and needs, while her advanced technical skills allow her to transform their wishes into reality. Through continuing education, Dr. Anderson continues to work diligently to refine the abilities that allow her to deliver the highest quality dental care possible.

K. Michael Rhyne, D.D.S.

K. Michael Rhyne, D.D.S. Dentist

Dr. Rhyne is pleased to join Anderson Dental Groupís team of talented professionals. He is a graduate of UNC School of Dentistry and a native of the Charlotte/Matthews area. Dr. Rhyne continues a 30 year tradition of providing quality, gentle and comfortable treatment for all patients. With over 20 hours annually in continuing education, Dr. Rhyne has expanded his knowledge of the best in conservative restorative techniques. Using principles of esthetic smile design, he has given many grateful patients much to smile about. He has completed curriculums in the prestigious L.D. Pankey Institute, the Nash Institute, and a continuum by Richard Masek DDS on Advanced Esthetic Cerec Restoration. By combining numerous hours of related training in esthetic and restorative care with over 20 years experience in the design and placement of of bonded ceramic restorations, he offers his patients the most advanced conservative esthetic care available. He has published journal articles on advanced Composite restorative techniques, and pioneered techniques in bonded composite restorations. Dr. Rhyne has regularly participated in area dental clinics providing free care, as well as dental missionary visits to China and Japan. Joining Anderson Dental Groupís exceptional team, Dr. Rhyne shares their same values in philosophy of care that include quality, patient comfort and trust. In his leisure time, Dr. Rhyne enjoys family vacations, golf, skiing, hiking, and reading.