Some people who wear full dentures may be under the assumption that they no longer need to be seen by the dentist.  Their dentures may fit properly, allowing them to eat comfortably and speak clearly.  This is ideal, however, an annual dental check-up is still very important for several reasons.

The stability and comfort of a denture really depends on the foundation that supports it.  Healthy gums and adequate bone are the foundation that supports the denture.  The longer that a patient wears a denture, the more likely it will begin to not fit properly.  This is primarily caused by changes in hard and soft tissue. Often times, the patient doesn't even recognize these changes happening.  They become accustomed to using adhesives to keep the denture in place.

Annual Dental Exam

We recommend an annual dental exam.  This will allow us to inspect and clean your denture and check the health of the tissue under it.  An oral cancer screening is an important part of the annual exam since oral cancer occurs in the soft tissue.  It is especially important for denture wearers who are older as they may be at a greater risk for oral cancer.

Dentures that do not fit properly or are very worn, can also lead to other health issues such has poor nutrition.  Patients may have difficulty eating healthy foods.  This may cause the patient to lose weight and make it difficult to stay healthy.

Patients should wear their dentures daily and soak them in a recommended cleaning solution overnight.  Always use products that are made for dentures.  Be sure to keep them in a container away from pets.

Routine annual exams can prolong the life of your denture and help keep the foundation secure.  Oral health is important to your general overall health.  If you have dentures, call us today to schedule this important preventive appointment.

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